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Questions and Answers

Q I already have video of our last conference. Is it possible to use use what we already have to create a 30 minute presentation?

A Absolutely. We can incorporate your footage and add to what you already have with narration and graphics to make an impressive presentation.

Q Our company is international. Can video shot here be viewed overseas?

A Europe uses a different standard than the United States. Autumn Productions will duplicate your final presentation in the correct format so that it can be viewed.

Q Is it possible to produce several different versions of the same presentation without incurring a great expense?

A Video presentations are often edited in different ways for different audiences. Once we have the original tape it is possible, through editing, to produce several versions of the same presentation. The cost is far less than the cost to produce the original version.

Q We would like to do a commemorative video but only have still photographs of the event. What can be done?

A Through the magic of electronic editing, still photographs can be brought to life through animation and color. When coupled with a creative sound track of narration and music, your audience will receive your message and be entertained.

Q How effective is video as a sales tool. Will our dealers take the time to view a tape of our new products?

A Today we live in a multimedia world. Your customers and dealers expect more than a conventional press release. A video presentation does not have to be long to be effective and will allow you to portray your product with impact. Since you may only have one chance to make a favorable impression, use video. Remember that in addition to VHS tapes, video can be viewed on a DVD, CD or on the Internet.

Q Is video practical for showing to a large audience in a theatrical setting?

A Video projectors can be used to display video on large theater screens. The image quality is comparable to the image from a 35mm film. These projectors are light weight and easy to use. Many hook directly into a notebook computer with  a DVD drive.

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