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Event Coverage

Autumn can cover your event whether it be a meeting, press conference or any other special happening for much less than you might expect. The high quality footage can later be edited into a finished presentation. Remember, once you have tape of the original event, it is possible to produce several different presentations based on the intended audience.


Our expert staff will take your original material and weave it into a finished production complete with sound, graphics and titles.


Quality sound is an important and integral part of any production. Music, voice over, narration and special sound affects add life and impact. We offer all these services.

Live Coverage

Should you require a live broadcast we have the facilities and the manpower to provide complete end-to-end coverage with as many cameras as may be required.


The most difficult part of any production is often good writing which lays the groundwork for a successful production. Scripting, and narration to your specifications will ensure that your production will hit the mark. We take the time to get to know your company or organization before the first minute of tape is shot.


When it necessary to provide talent for a shoot, Autumn can book competent actors for a reasonable cost.

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